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No Drama: Sadly this must be stated, but we would absolutely ADORE it if you kept drama at bay here. If someone is harassing you OOCly and you would like to bring it to our attention, please feel free to contact one of the mods, we're always happy to help. If we see anyone starting drama on purpose, we will issue warnings, and remove them from the game if necessary.

Stay in character: While we expect the character to develop as the story progresses, there is no need for them to act completely different due to the situation. IE: Naruto curling into a ball and crying for his mommy because he saw a monster, or Dante NOT trying to flirt with female ghosts.

No chatspeak: Because you're not a 12-year-old girl on facebook, so don't type like one. Unless you are a 12-year-old girl on facebook, in which case you shouldn't be here.
But in all seriousness, please try to be as grammar-friendly as possible, we know not everyone is a master roleplayer, and some of you may not have English as a first language; but t4lk1ng lyk dis wil git u ban&

No GODMODS: This means you cannot control another player's character (in a fight or otherwise) without that player's consent. Also you cannot USE YOUR ULTIMATE LIGHTNING ATTACK!!!!!1 to destroy the ghosts and other such things around the manor, in fact your character is near useless around here, so don't even try.

No Fatal Frame characters or original characters: For obvious reasons; if we had Rei in here solving all the problems, the game wouldn't last more than a few days. That's not very fun and mysterious now is it?
Also; since OCs are generally harder to place, it would just make everyone's lives easier if we remained fandom-based. Sorry~

Character limit: Currently four six EIGHT. This is subject to change.

Mature logs: Sex/Violence/Bad bad naughty things youngin's shouldn't be seeing? PUT IT BEHIND A CUT AND LOCK IT. For your convenience, here's what a cut is:

Frankly we don't care, but LJ seems to, so it would be nice to not get banned for your naughty posts.

This is SPARTA MULTIFANDOM: (Anime/Manga, Video games, Television, etc.) So mingle, make friends, make enemies, love or hate one another. These characters are going to have to deal with each other for a long time, so make sure you get comfy.

Anyone can apply: Though it's preferable that you're over the age of 13. The subject matter in this game may contain violence, grotesque imagery, and; depending on who applies for what character, sex/drugs/alcohol, you name it! This is why the cuts and warnings are in place to make sure innocent little minds are not shattered.

HAVE FUN: This isn't WORK, it's all a game. Luckily your mods are extremely chill people, which makes for an even more chill game. Despite the spooky ghosts you're all going to be running from. We're all here for the same thing; pretendy fun times, so let's keep it that way.
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